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Greg Perkell

On Wednesday, August 11th, 2010, Donalda Club member, and friend of North York General Hospital Foundation, Greg Perkell agreed to have his head shaved at the Donalda Club immediately after the Men's Member Field Day if he was able to fundraise a minimum of $15,000.

Through the kind support of Greg's friends, he raised $11,000 and the scene was set for a shaving! As a surprise for many attendees, an 11th hour option was given…by ballot vote, of the 67 members in attendance, they would decide if Greg matched the funds raised to keep his hair, or if he were to lose it all that night. A brave Greg prepared himself for either scenario as friends secretly voted! The final vote was in favour of Greg matching the original funds raised and save his hair.

In the end, Greg and friends raised more than $22,000! Congratulations and sincerest thanks to Greg and everyone for their support and helping to ensure NYGH continues to provide patients with the best possible medical care available.

DID YOU KNOW… …at least 15 people every day come to NYGH in cardiac distress. Once here, they benefit from the expertise of NYGH’s top-notch team of cardiologists and health care professionals.
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